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Personal Services

1. Tax Support/Planning

2. Property Declarations

3. Consulting

a. Taxes

b. Social Security

4. Fiscal Representation

5. Personal and property tax returns

a. Electronic Submission of Returns (E1, E2)

b. Annual rent declaration, based on the fiscal profile of each customer .

c. Direct Tax Calculation and printed output for insurance awareness

d. Electronic Submission of Property Tax Declaration (E9)

Tax Returns

Our firm is in charge of guiding, administrating and managing tax declaration for individuals or companies that reside outside Greece.
Individual income tax Refund
Property tax Refund

Fiscal Representation

Our firm offers fiscal representation service for companies or individuals Greek residents and non-residents.
We give to each and every one of our clients a personalized service, constantly offering them new benefits, analyzing market updates and changes in the tax and insurance legislation.
Consulting for investing in the Greek Real Estate Market (Athens, Islands and provinces) and their respective management.
The FP firm collaborates with different professionals from the real estate market (lawyers, notaries, architects, etc.)

Contact Us

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Tel: +30 210 6014014

E: info@fpaccounting.gr